Flat 20% Off on All Services : Women’s Day 2016

We are delighted to offer flat 20% off on all our services (excludes products sold) to celebrate Women’s Day 2016; obviously valid this week only.

Should you need an immediate appointment for anything in hair & skin, please call 02227891943 or 02227892436 10:30 to 7 pm; or if you wish to drop in (we also stock all Shahnaz Husain & L’Oreal products) please do. We’re right next to HDFC & NISM gate in C-132, Vashi Plaza which is right across the highway flyover from Center One & The Convention Center.

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Thank you for giving us an opportunity to work for you!

For over 20 years we are the preferred provider of services in skin, hair & vegan color for ladies in Navi Mumbai and around.

We are famous for our pure Shahnaz skin treatments & enhancements delivered the perfect way; hair straightening, perming, texturing, coloring, cysteine, hair styling & scalp treatment done by professionally trained and continually updated experts. We have been usually great for sensitive skin & anti aging treatments. We are also famous for our Platinum, Stem Cell & Glow Facials.

We are often asked by first time customers to give them the look that their friend, sister or relative got from us earlier. Our long time customers have made us one of the best beauty parlours nearby for over two decades.

We are also the preferred destination for bridal makeup and tip to toe makeup for special occasions.


Contemporary or Retro Hairstyling


A hairstyle for every face. Thats what we aspire at.

Contemporary. Retro?

Or the way you like it.

From our professionally trained hair styling experts, hair perming experts, cysteine hair treatment experts and hair color experts.  That has made us one of the best beauty parlour nearby for over two decades.


Straightening | Coloring | The Hair Works


Our L’Oreal and Vegan trained experts give you the right hue, the right bounce. And the right everything.

We have a track record of fully satisfied colour, straightening, perming, curling & hair texturing customers. From professionally trained & continually updated hair treatment experts.

We are often pleased when new folks walk in and say give me a hair like you did for my friend or my sister.


Facials | Skin Enhancements | Pure Shahnaz


With a track record of 20 years delivering perfect facials and skin enhancements, we can’t miss doing the best and what is right for your skin. We have restored and rejuvenated damaged and badly kept skin so many times. We are the preferred sensitive skin parlour.

We are also greeted by perfect skin asking how can we improve their skin further. Which we often do with our Shahnaz treatments.

For the best skin care and anti aging enhancements in Navi Mumbai delivered by professional beauticians, we are here to help. We aren’t surprised to be named the top beauty parlour nearby in Navi Mumbai for over two decades.

We are also  the preferred bridal make up parlour.

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